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Salam to all ... setting up eleven Jan 2010, email messages, sms and calls are going to be entertained and replied immediately after 5pm. Bagi semua pengunjung site ini, pls baca specifics bg setiap items yg di add. Thanks atas sokongan biskita semua & kerjasama dari semua pihak amatlah dhargai.

They suspect it is Endometriosis, At times they suspect is PCOS. i get confuse also. I are seeing 4 Western Gyne and four Tabib to have myself conceived. I understand they cyst is going to be cured at the time I'm pregnant but the condition is, Together with the Cyst make me difficult to conceive also.

Madu lebah pula hanya boleh digunakan untuk disapu ke atas luka yang telah menjadi kulit yang sempurna. Ia berkesan untuk menguatkan kulit dan menghalang jangkitan.  Madu lebah tidak boleh diguna ke atas luka kencing manis yang masih dalam peringkat penumbuhan semula daging.

You know how they are saying it: �Miracles Never just come about, These are To start with incredibly properly ready.� Undoubtedly that your organization put lots of time and effort to start aiding individuals.

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Kami melepasi dan melangkaui piawaian industri setiap masa bagi memastikan produk kami Sentiasa Selamat, Sentiasa Berkesan danSentiasa Mesra Alam.Kami menguji setiap bahan baharu untuk mengesan lebih 350 bahan cemar berbahaya.Kami more info menjalankan lebih a hundred,000 ujian kualiti setiap tahun bagi menjamin ketulenan tertinggi sebolehnya.Kami telah melaburkan lebih $250 juta dalam ujian klinikal, penyelidikan dan pembangunan.

Ramai tidak mengutamakan zat dalam makanan kerana sibuk dengan tugasan harian. adan manusia sebenarnya memerlukan pelbagai jenis nutrien terutama 46 jenis "nutrien perlu".

But each morning you are feeling a tiny bit pain at the bottom stomach. I had it completed at a resort in Kuantan by a Woman. Not hanky-pnaky ( she straight say This is often health intent, no hanky-panky, never entertain ask for to try and do enable it to be pancut or oral.)

Every now and then i stil experience suffering sometime on my left ovary, someday on my appropriate ovary. I do question, should really i essentially go to the operation to eliminate the cyst or not but In line with my gyne no level of eradicating it as it will return (occur to my friend) but Together with the Cyst make me difficult to get conceived.

Tetapi doktor menberitahu bahawa PCOS itu tidak membahayakan. Adakah PCOS ini menbuatkan saya lambat mendapat anak. Selain itu, ada tidak ubat yang boleh membantu untuk proses kesuburan dan merawat PCOS ini? tq..

I think i have problems with PCOS without any ovulation, but haven’t been diagnosed by medical professional still. For the time being i get fish oil, evening primrose oil and zinc. It helps lessening cysts but not active pimples.

The indicators I have consists of ideal ovary suffering, irregular intervals, no period for six months, Unwanted fat about lower stomach, exhaustion for the duration of daytime

The ELKEN MRT Phase one Therefore aims to accurate and forestall more info this nutrition imbalance through the usually means of nutrition supplement wherever it's important.

Baru-baru ini saya dapat period selama 9 hari. Selepas seminggu habis time period saya dapati ada keputihan yang berwarna coklat dan tak berbau. Saya tak pasti samada ini check here interval atau lain.

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